About Us

RSD Bikes has only been up and running since 2012, but our pedigree stretches back about 25 years, when we first started riding hardtail mountain bikes, and were hooked from day one.

We’re based in Toronto, Canada, where we design bikes that we want to ride. We ride them mostly in Ontario and the coastal mountains of BC.

Like most of you, we believe that the correct number of bikes to own is (n+1), but we try to develop bikes that are versatile enough to be ridden anywhere. We’re generally not down with labels, for bikes or for riders, and because we’re small, we can take instant feedback and apply it to the design process.

We’re sure that you’ll be as stoked to ride our bikes as we are. Keep the Rubber Side Down!


Beach Bike LA


Captain of the good ship RSD – hardest thing I’ve ever done, and lovin’ every minute of it.
Typical day – lots of email, phone calls, Starbucks, more email, ride whenever possible, and run some too.
Family comes first, then bikes, pizza, cars, burgers, travel, beers (in no particular order).

Mountain Bikes Washington


Jobs at RSD – Sales, communications, creative, social
First mountain bike – Ritchey P20
Favourite movie – Star Wars (obviously)
Things – music, travel, dive, run, climb, eat, read and beer.
Part-time bartender, summer-time MTB coach in Whistler, friend of furry animals.

LA & Washginton Beach or Mountain Bikes


Product designer and tester at RSD
Favourite trails – Durham Forest
Movie – wild guess?
Bike in my quiver – all of them, and there are a few.
Activities – spin instructing, exploring the city by bike, and riding dirt anywhere
Food – beer’s a food, right?


Jobs at RSD – chase bikes, run trail, nap, chase balls, bark at delivery guys, nap, follow Alex around for food scrap drops, and nap.
Into long runs, swims, and snacks.
Long road trips, and summers in BC – livin’ the dream.

Beach Bike LA

Mountain Bikes Washington

Washington Mountain Bike