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  • Is it possible to speak to a human?
    Call us at 416-773-0030 Email us at Chat with us: via the Drift Chat Line on the site
  • How much assembly is required?
    As stated in the Shop page under each product, there is around 50% assembly required. Each bike takes approximately 30min to 1 hour for an experienced mechanic. Assembly should not be attempted if you’ve never done it before. A bike that is not properly assembled could result in potential serious injuries. Take it to a shop near you.
  • Do Bikes, Frames or Forks really cost $100, $250 or $500?
    No, the $100, $250 or $500 is a required deposit in order to secure a specific size, colour or build that is currently not in stock. The balance will be due prior to shipping. These amounts are labelled as Deposit or Pre-Order Deposit
  • When do I pay the balance after i placed a pre-order?
    Once the pre-order is placed and the deposit paid, there are no further actions needed from you. We will contact you 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled delivery to confirm your shipping information as well as the details of your order. Once all is confirmed, we will send you an invoice for the balance. We DO NOT automatically charge the original card used for the deposit. The balance can be settled with the same or any other cards.
  • After I placed a pre-order, can I pay down the balance before the bike/frame arrives?
    yes, we accept partial payments to increase the amount of your deposit. The full balance has to be paid prior to shipping. should you wish to make additional partial deposits, please email us. and reference your order #
  • Can your frames accept tapered forks?
    Yes, all of our frames use 44mm Straight Head Tubes. That means that you can use any and all steer tubes styles and sizes. When the Headset is provided with the frame, it is for tapered steer tube forks.
  • What headset do i need?
    We use ZS44/28.6 Top (Zero Stack) and EC44/40 Bottom (External Cup). We also only use tapered steerer tube forks
  • What are the crank specs for the Mayor?
    BB shell is 100mm Threaded. You need a 190/197mm rear spacing crank with a minimum 100mm clearance from the center of the BB to the inside clearance dimension of the crank arms. Minimum Q Factor is 220mm. We recommend any of these Race Face 190/197mm cranks: Next SL, Next R, Turbine, Aeffect and Ride. Each of these crank will come with 2 x 11mm spacers. SRAM cranks, even though 190/197mm DO NOT FIT. The Q Factor is too low and therefore the crank arms will not clear the stays.
  • Do you have a size chart?
    Yes, in 2 different places. One is located mid page on the Specs & Geometry Tab as a pull down menu. Just extend the (+) to see the Chart. The other is located at the bottom of the Geometry chart which is also mid page and locate the pull down menu (+) for the Geometry chart and choose your preferred standard: Imperial or Metric.
  • What’s the biggest Tire/Rim combo I can use on:
    Some tire/rim combo may differ from brand to brand and from year to year, so please use your discretion. These are only guidelines. Mayor V3 / V4 / V5 – 26x5.05/100mm. 27.5x4.0/50mm, 29x3.0/50mm MiddleChild V1 / V2 – 27.5x2.8/50mm, 29x2.6/50mm Sergeant Ti – 27.5x3.5/50mm, 29x3.0/50mm Sergeant AL V2 – 27.5x3.8/50mm, 29x2.4/35mm Sergeant AL V3 – 27.5x4.0/50mm, 29x3.0/50mm Big Chief – 29x2.8/50mm, 27.5x2.8/50mm Catalyst – 700c 2.25/30mm or 27.5x2.6/40mm Sheriff – 26x5.05/100mm, 27.5x4.0/50mm, 29x3.0/50mm
  • What’s the longest fork I can use on:
    Mayor V3 – 120mm Mayor V4 – 120mm MiddleChild – 150mm Wildcat – 150mm Sergeant Ti – 150mm Sergeant AL V2 – 150mm Sergeant AL V3 – 150mm Big Chief – 140mm Catalyst – 100mm Sheriff – 120mm
  • Does the Frame Only option also include the fork?
    No, it doesn't. the Frame Only option is for the frame only
  • Can I use a 142mm wheel inside a Boost 148mm Frames?
    No, you can’t. You will void your warranty. No one makes sliders thick enough to accommodate the extra spacing. That being said, a lot of hub manufacturer offer a conversion kit. Check with them.
  • What other shock will fit the Wildcat V2?
    Rockshox Monarch RT, RL & RT3 in 200x51 Fox Float DPS, DPX2 & X2 in 7.875x2 Cane Creek DBair CS & IL in 200x50 Manitou McLoad in 200x50 DVO Topaz T3Air in 200x51 X-Fusion o2 Pro R, RL, RLR & RCX in 200x51 SR Suntour Edge R, RC, RLR, RLR8, LOR & LOR8 in 200x51 and Raidon R & LO in 200x51
  • Can I customize my build?
    Yes and No. We might have some parts in stock. Depends on availability. We only have access to other parts from the manufacturers we currently work with, It also all depends in their available stock. If it’s a brand we never worked with, then sorry, we can’t.
  • Do you offer custom geometry?
    No, we don’t. We designed each of our bikes from the ground up to be produced in large quantities, so we cannot accommodate single designs.
  • What is your warranty?
    The short answer is that we offer a Lifetime warranty for manufacturer’s defects on all of our frames to the original owners only. Make sure to register your frame here. See the full Warranty details here
  • Is my warranty void if I drill my own Internal Dropper hole?
    Yes, it will be voided. Each of our frames are tested as sold. If the frame is altered in anyway, it could compromise the strength of the frame and therefore void the warranty. See the full Warranty details here
  • Can I convert my bike to an e-bike?
    Conversion to e-bike, regardless of the system, will void your warranty.
  • Do you ship to Canada or the U.S.?
    Yes, we are located in Toronto, ON. CANADA and that’s where everything ships from. See shipping conditions on the Shop page. If you are located outside Canada’s 10 Provinces or the U.S. Lower 48 States, email us for a quote:
  • Do you ship Worldwide?
    Yes, we can BUT it can be very expensive to ship from Canada. That being said, we just recently negotiated better shipping rates to Western Europe. It will be a soft launch for now. If all goes well, we can negotiate better rates for everywhere else. Email us for a quote:
  • Do you have a Distributor in my country?
    Only in Philippines for now Biciclepath. We welcome any other Distributor inquiries. Email us for more info:
  • Can i pick-up if i am local? And Is there a discount
    Yes, you can pick up your new bike or frame from our office. We will deduct the shipping cost, if it's already included, from the total price.
  • If i pick up my bike locally, can it be assembled?
    Absolutely. We can assemble your bike for $250.00 CAD. It generally takes 24 hours
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