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RSD Socks



Cane Creek 40 Series Headset



Sergeant V5 Aluminum - SALE

Sergeant V5 Aluminum - SALE


(CAD) - Please read the terms and conditions below carefully before adding items to the cart.


Sergeant V5 Aluminum

NEW Feature to the Shop

Dropper Posts - Optional sizes - We strongly recommend the following size Dropper Posts based on each frame size:

Small - 125mm, Medium - 150mm, Large - 175mm, XL - 200mm

Disclaimer: If you choose a dropper size which differs from the recommendations above, and you find out it's too short or too long and wish to get an alternate size, we will be happy to swap the Dropper in question for the correct size, but you will be responsible to cover both shipping costs.

IN STOCK - All orders will ship within 24-48hrs

Mobile Site Glitch - Pleae use Desktop version. the Mobile shows everything out of stock, when in fact it's IN STOCK. We are working to fix this issue ASAP. Our sincere apologies for any inconveniences

Small, Medium and XXL Raw - Frames Only & Complete Bikes –  SOLD OUT Small and XXL Obsidian/Army - Frames Only & Complete Bikes –  SOLD OUT

27.5+ Wheels SOLD OUT

29in Adventure Build available with 2.6 Tires IN STOCK


Complete Bikes


All Builds (Except Adventure Build) - That’s $1300 OFF – $1140 OFF Any Build + FREE SHIPPING (a $160 Value)

Use Coupon Code: SergeantALComp-CAD

Adventure Build - That’s $1000 OFF – $840 OFF Any Build + FREE SHIPPING (a $160 Value)

Use Coupon Code: SergeantALADV-CAD

(Does NOT apply to Frame Only)

Frame Only are also ON SALE

Get $239 OFF - Use Coupon Code: SergeantALFO-CAD

IMPORTANT NOTE about Coupon Codes - Should you use the wrong coupon code, we will not be able to accept the order. The options will be to either send you a separate invoice for the balance or issue a refund, minus all of the fees incurred.

VPN Errors - The site only accepts orders from Canada and the United States. If you're in Canada or the USA and are using a VPN, you might see the following error at Checkout: Outside Shipping Area

Fix: Using your VPN, relocate your location to Canada or the USA. To confirm it was successful, refresh the page and check the bottom right corner of the site in the Footer. You should see a CA or US

NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS for SOLD-OUT Complete Bikes and Frames – a $250 Deposit is required. The $250 is NOT the price of a frame or a complete bike, It’s only a DEPOSIT to reserve a specific Build or Frame Only. Delivery is scheduled for Spring 2024 - Full details on Deposits below



BUILDS & SPECS (Click here)

Finish: Raw with Clear Coat, Obsidian/Sand or Obsidian/Army Green

Pricing: (NEW)


Complete: $2699.00 CAD / $2249 USD + Shipping

Complete with Dropper: $2999.00 CAD / $2499.00 USD + Shipping

NX/D3 - 11spd

Complete: $2299.00 CAD / $1899 USD + Shipping

Complete with Dropper: $2599.00 CAD / $2149.00 USD + Shipping

27.5+ Complete Adventure Rigid 4.0: $2499.00 CAD / $2099.00 USD + Shipping

27.5+ Complete Adventure Rigid 4.0 with Dropper: $2799.00 CAD / $2349.00 USD + Shipping

Frame with RSD Alloy Fork Combo: $1149.00 CAD / $999.00 USD + Shipping

Frame Only: $849.00 CAD / $749.00 USD + Shipping

Fork Only: $349.00 CAD / $299.00 USD + Shipping

Shipping Cost Within Canada’s 10 Provinces:

Complete Bikes – $160 CAD (Added at Checkout)

Frame-Only Option – $90 CAD (Added at Checkout)

Shipping Cost Within the USA’s Lower 48 States:

Complete Bikes – $200 USD (Added at Checkout)

Frame-Only Option – $110 USD (Added at Checkout)


US Only:  For US customers shipping to major US cities (as determined by our shipping providers who will charge us an additional fee for rural or remote addresses) within the Lower 48 States (i.e. all states except Alaska and Hawaii) all taxes, duties and shipping costs are included in the price listed on our website “Shop” page.  If you are located outside the Lower 48 States but still in the US, shipping costs will be additional. Taxes and duties, however, are included in the price on our website “Shop” page.

Canada Only: For Canadian customers shipping to major Canadian cities (as determined by our shipping providers who will charge us an additional fee for rural or remote addresses) in the 10 provinces, shipping fees are included in the price on our website. Applicable sales taxes will be added to your order at checkout based on the province you are shipping to.

Rural Areas of Canada (and all Canadian Territories) and the US: 

For shipping outside of the major cities referenced above, a shipping surcharge will apply to your order, in addition to applicable sales taxes. If you are located in Canada or the US, but outside of a major city, you may (i) reach out to us at before making your purchase to get a quote on the extra shipping charges and taxes; or (ii) place your order online and we will contact you with the applicable invoice. To date, we have only applied shipping surcharges between $15 to $100, at most, based-on rates from shippers we use. However, we encourage you to contact us in advance for a specific quote. If you elect to cancel your order due to additional shipping fees, our Cancellation Policy applies. 

Outside of Canada and the US:  If you are outside of Canada and the US email us for a shipping quote at Additional fees, sales taxes, value added taxes and duties will apply to your order, even if not listed on the Website. Such additional charges will vary from country to country and shall be your responsibility to pay in connection with your order once the product enters your country.


For products in-stock and available to ship, orders generally ship from our facility in North America within 1 to 3 business days and can take from 1 day up to 5 business days to be delivered, based on location:

North America East Coast – 1 to 3 days

North America Central – 2 to 4 days

North America West Coast – 3 to 5 days

The estimated timeframe in which your pre-order (out of stock) items will be ready to ship, and for which you are paying a deposit, are specified above.



In-Stock Items: For in-stock items, you will be required to pay the full price of the order as specified on this page, plus all fees and taxes referenced below and in our Terms and Conditions.

Pre-Orders (Out of Stock Items): If your desired bike or frame is not in stock, the $250 fee being added to the cart is a pre-order only and constitutes a partially non-refundable deposit. THIS IS NOT THE PRICE OF A COMPLETE BIKE OR FRAME. If you cancel your order after placing a deposit and before the bike is ready to ship, subject to our ‘Cancellation Policy’ below, all but $100 of the deposit is non-refundable. In limited situations, we will refund your entire deposit amount. See our Cancellation Policy below for details.  Payment of the deposit secures your order but also allows us to estimate our seasonal needs for this product.


The balance of the purchase price for your order will be due one to two weeks prior to shipping. We will send you an invoice accordingly. Following an email notice to you that your items are available to be shipped, you will have a period of five (5) business days to complete payment of your order before we may sell the products to a third party. In such circumstances, further delays may persist if we are subsequently out of stock of the products you ordered.

Coupon Codes

Orders for In-Stock Items Available to Ship: Coupon codes may only be used on regular-priced items at the time of the original purchase. Coupon codes are not valid for sale-priced items, and may not be applied retroactively. Cancelled orders that are in process are subject to the Cancellation Fee and the Admin Fee referenced below, so please make sure to insert any coupon code you have on the Website at the time of your order.

Pre-orders (i.e. Where Deposits Are Paid): Coupon codes shall be entered into the Notes section only. Should you fail to enter a coupon code at the time of your pre-order deposit payment you will have a grace period of five (5) days to get in touch with us for an adjustment by applying a coupon code. The price adjustment, if requested within the five (5) day period, will take place once your order is ready to ship. Cancelations are still subject to the Cancellation Fee and Admin Fee. We do not provide any exceptions to the five (5) day period. When using a coupon code for a pre-order, the coupon code is valid for the entire amount of the bike or frame, excluding shipping fees, assembly fees or any miscellaneous items. The full amount of the coupon value will be deducted from the final invoice when the balance is due prior to shipping.


We have both a US and Canadian version of our site, which uses redirection based on the IP Information of the user. Prices displayed on the US Site are in US Dollars. Prices displayed on the Canadian Site are in Canadian Dollars. Prices displayed on the Canadian Site are in Canadian Dollars. The Canadian Site is for Canadian residents only.

We highly recommend that if you currently use a VPN, to disable it temporarily when you visit our site. Our site references your IP address location at the time of checkout in order to direct you to the appropriate version of our site and therefore the currency paid at checkout. It is your obligation to ensure you are on the correct version of our site, at the applicable domain above, with the correct currency based on your shipping address. 


Use of Visa/Mastercard Pre-Paid or Gift Cards

Whether you are placing a pre-order (deposit) or simply just an order of an item in-stock and ready to ship, the use of gift cards is acceptable but only under these conditions:

Should you need to cancel an order and require a refund, the refund can ONLY be refunded to the original card number used for your order. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Charges cannot be refunded to any other cards or any other form of payments.

Should you need to cancel your order and your refund cannot be refunded to the original card used, for any reason, the refund amount will be recorded as a credit only towards a future purchase at



As a result of the ongoing fluctuations in prices from our suppliers and shipping companies, the prices displayed on our website at the time you place your order and pay a deposit may change at the time your products are ready to ship. If you wish to proceed with your order at that time, you will be required to pay the full then current price of your items at the time the products are ready to ship. However, where the price of products you paid a deposit for increases, you will be given an opportunity to cancel your order before making final payment. See our ‘Cancellation Policy’, below.

While we are happy to accept additional deposits or fully paid orders for items not in stock and not yet available to ship, such pre-payments do not guarantee the price of a bike or the shipping cost. Such pre-payments will constitute deposits under these terms.



If you wish to cancel an order after we have sent an email notice that the order shipment is ready or if you paid for the order and decide to cancel it prior to shipping:

You may do so for a cancellation fee of $35.00 in the applicable currency you paid in (the “Cancellation Fee”).

In addition to the Cancellation Fee, you will be required to pay an administrative fee of 10% of the overall value of the item(s) being cancelled if the item is or later became ready for shipment (the “Admin Fee”).

The Cancellation Fee and the Admin Fee will not apply in the event you cancel your order, for items in-stock and available to ship, within 12 hours of placing it, EXCEPT if the order was placed/paid using PayPal.

If an order is placed using PayPal as the payment provider, all fees will apply, NO EXCEPTIONS. $35 Cancellation Fee plus the 10% Admin Fee.

You agree that we may deduct the Cancellation Fee and the Admin Fee from any refundable portion of your deposit or payment you have made to us that will otherwise be owing to you upon processing the cancellation.