Times have changed, and so has our sport.
Today's riders demand supremely built bikes that can
adapt to changing terrain, and make the most of evolving trails.


Since every rider has a different style, and no two rides are the same, rsd bikes is focused on providing adaptable frames with features such as adjustable (by 20mm) chainstay lengths, and head tubes that accommodate any fork on the market, with straight or tapered steer tubes.


All of our mountain bikes come with standard 12x142mm rear spacing, and adjustable drop-outs that allow you to move the rear wheel forward or backward by 20mm. This is particularly convenient on our 29er because it allows you to run up to a 3-inch tire. Bikes also come with a standard 44mm head tube allowing you to use any straight or tapered fork.



We will continuously search for ways to make our bikes better.

No compromises! As riders, we only expect the absolute best and we will deliver just that.




We're not bound by any rules.

We like to create.The word "corporate" does not apply to us.

We make bikes that we want to ride.


Our “Cross Journey” bike is a prime example. It’s in a category of its own.

It’s not a mountain bike, it’s not a cyclocross racer, it’s not a road bike and it’s not a hybrid commuter.

It is one heck of a fast and fun bike, both on the road, and on the dirt.

The Deviant defies convention and opposes rules and limits, kinda like us.


Always ride

Have fun, and keep it Rubber Side Down!