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RSD Bikes has only been up and running since 2012, but our pedigree stretches back about 25 years, when we first started riding hardtail mountain bikes, and were hooked from day one.

Like our riding abilities, our expectations and expertise as a mountain bike manufacturer grew in our first few seasons. Our goal went from turning the passion for bikes into a business, to taking the business of making frames to the highest possible level. In 2015, we stepped up our game by partnering with some of the best Taiwanese fabricators in the industry, the ones that manufacture for the top dogs in the business.

The results were immediate – beginning with a full re-design of our flagship aluminum Mayor frame that included custom hydroform tubing and yoke, and the evolution of our Sergeant plus-bike with the same top-quality frame features.

At the same time, we moved steel and titanium frame manufacturing to the Taiwanese plant that is known globally as the preeminent factory in the business, where the finest handmade frames are made with unmatched quality and precision. Under this one roof, we’re able to source custom-butted tubes, apply heat treatment, and manufacture CNC-machined components and frame parts, while QC takes place at every stage of the process.

Despite our small size and scale of our operations, we are proud to be able to offer riders the best possible frames that we can, hands down. They are top-shelf, and you will know that too when you throw a leg over one.


We’re based in Toronto, Canada, where we design bikes that we want to ride. We ride them mostly in Ontario and sometimes in the coastal mountains of BC.

Like most of you, we believe that the correct number of bikes to own is (n+1), but we try to develop bikes that are versatile enough to be ridden anywhere. We’re generally not down with labels, for bikes or for riders, and because we’re small, we can take instant feedback and apply it to the design process.

You will also get instant feedback during the ordering process. We take pride in our efforts to offer the best online customer experience, no matter what you’re after. Whether it’s a $20 derailleur hanger or a $4000 titanium bike, we try to answer your queries within hours of receiving them, and often within minutes. If you need advice on sizing, build kits and options, or even if you’d like to compare our bikes with your current ride or any other bike, we’re here to answer all of your questions, to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible.

We’re sure that you’ll be as stoked to ride our bikes as we are. Keep the Rubber Side Down!

RSD Bikes
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