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Approx​imately 50% assembly is required. BB and crank are installed. Headset cups are pressed. Handlebar and stem are already mounted with brake levers, grips and shifter lever.

Rear derailleur needs to be installed. All cables are now left long and need to be shortened, then routed. Barbs are olives are supplied. Brake callipers need to be bolted to the frame and fork. The fork steerer tube has been pre-cut. The 6-bolt brake rotors need to be installed, and tires need to be inflated.

All wheels have been pre-taped for tubeless conversion, but tubes have been supplied. To convert to tubeless, all that is needed are valves and sealant.

Total time required for assembly is approximately 1 to 2 hours for a competent bike mechanic.

Note: Assembly should NOT be attempted if you have never assembled a bike before. A bike that is NOT properly assembled could result in potential serious injury to the rider. We highly recommend bringing your new RSD bike into a shop for assembly by a professional.

Possible Tools Needed:
Allen 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm
Torx T25 screwdriver if SRAM equipped
Small Flat and Philips screwdriver
Cable cutters
Chain cutting tool
Quick link pliers

Various Torques Specs:
4 x M6 or M8 Dropout Bolts – 17N/m to 20N/m
Carbon Fork 15x150mm Axle – 18N/m to 20N/m
Stem Bolts for Carbon Steerer Tube – 6N/m
Compression Plug for Carbon Steerer Tube  – 10N/m to 12N/m

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