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What to do if your package is damaged.


Should an item arrive damaged, please follow the steps outlined below. Any deviation from these steps will hamper our ability to replace, return, or refund an item.

  1. Make sure to note on the signature portion of the carrier that the item arrived with visible damages to the box. Failure to do so may void any claims for a possible refund.

  2. Take high-resolution/clear photo images of the exterior of the box, interior of the box and of the item(s) inside the box, then email them to us on the same business day of receipt of the package. Without this evidence, we cannot initiate a claim with FedEx, UPS or any other carriers, and therefore we will not be able to fulfill the claim.

  3. Once the box is opened, remove the packaging from the item, inspect it thoroughly and take high-resolution photo images of any damages and email them to us at Again, without this evidence, we may be unable to fulfill a claim.

  4. Make sure that the item is replaced in 100% of its original packaging, exactly how it was packed. Do not alter the packaging. Failure to do so may result in a denied claimed by the carrier and in turn, our inability to fulfill a claim.

  5. Once all of the information outlined above has been received, we will initiate a claim with the carrier.

  6. The carrier will make contact within 2-4 business days to schedule the pick-up of the damaged item(s). Please present any item to their agent in its original packaging. Do not discard any part of the packaging.

  7. Carriers will usually process claims between 3-10 business days, with the exception of the holiday season, which may require up to 30 days.

  8. The carrier will inspect the item and email us with the result of their inspection.

  9. Upon approval from the carrier, we will replace the damaged item(s) as soon as possible.


We cannot initiate a claim, issue a refund or send a replacement before all of the above has been completed.

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